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1. Why another Online-Items-Database ?
As far as I know Auno and Jayde aren't active players anymore. I constantly use Jaydes Items-DB and Aunos Nanolistings and I'm glad that both of them update their site with DB rips. But when the first SL-Questreward Nanos which Auno lists as buyable came IG I spent half an hour in the garden, looking for someone's nano, until I read the comments on by myself. That was the main reason for the decission of building a database and seting up a bot to query this database IG. The website itself is just a goodie.

2. Why another Bot ?
I am lazy! It's just more comfortable to have access to these informations without switching to a website. And for players who aren't in an org, they can use this dedicated bot.

3. Am I allowed to use the database query in my own orgbot ?
Of course. Just follow the link "Code for the BeBot modul". If someone uses another bot and would like to rewrite the code for it, here you go. I would be happy to publish the source code here on this site.